The journal Praxis publishes issues containing peer-reviewed academic papers initiated at the annual Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium, held at Villanova University. Each issue contains papers presented at the previous year's conference.

The goal of the Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium is to provide a forum for scholars and practitioners working in the area of theatre research and practice to come together to share their research and enter into a dialogue about current trends in theatrical practice and scholarship.  PTRS is aimed at theatre professionals as well as faculty who are teaching and publishing in the fields of criticism, performance studies, theatre and culture, theatre and politics, and theatre theory.  In addition, we aim at facilitating a forum for new scholars – graduate students – to share their research and writing.  It is our hope that this gathering will improve interdepartmental dialogue and promote the growth of scholarship in the area of Theatre Studies for the Philadelphia region. 

2017: New Play and New Play Development

This issue contains a selection of articles from the 11th Annual Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium. The 2017 conference explored devising practices, new play dramaturgy, and innovations in playwriting and performance.

Published: 2018-05-18

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