2016: Revealing Histories: Rewriting the Past in Early and Contemporary Playwriting

This issue contains a selection of articles from the 9th Annual Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium. The 2015 conference explored historical revisionism, gender and history, race and history, and mythology and contemporary playwriting.


2013: Contemporary American Ethnographic and Ensemble Theatre

In this issue there are a variety of papers dealing with identity politics and ensemble theatre making. Papers include analysis of the work of Anna Deavere Smith, Elizabeth LeCompte, and the Wooster Group. In addition, there are papers that explore contemporary American theatre from the perspective of feminism and identity politics.


2015: Mapping Identities: Theater of Hybridity, Gender, and Race

This issue contains a selection of diverse articles that represent two separate Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposiums. The 2013 conference, "Ethnicity, Identity, and Hybridity: The work of the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre, Asian and Asian-American Playwrights", dealt largely with Asian-American theater and related issues of identity. The 2014 conference, "Woman in Theatre: Celebrating Women's Contributions to American Theatre as Artists, Scholars, and Leaders" explored the diverse roles of women within theater over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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